Car Rental in Jordan: Tips, experiences and safety

Renting a car in Jordan: Tips for a cheap rental car

Self-driving in Jordan will not be a matter of course for many. However, this is the best and most fun way to discover the country! You have complete freedom and you can easily reach the beautiful places and tourist attractions. I would like to share my experience about renting a car (and driving it) in Jordan. I will also give you tips for finding the right rental car and things that are useful to take into account.

Is it safe and how are the roads?

Many people immediately think of the unrest surrounding the Jordanian countries. I can say for sure that it is a safe country. There is no political unrest, it has been a country that lives in peace for years. You can easily travel independently, even as a woman. To be sure, check the current travel advice from your own government.

Driving in Jordan

safety and driving in Jordan

What makes driving a challenge is the fact that the Jordanians don’t follow the traffic rules very closely. My friend, especially in Amman, crossed the city sweating bullets. Once you have left Amman, it is quiet on the roads and you will not have to deal with many other motorists.

The roads and signposting in Jordan are generally good. Most roads are asphalted, only in a few small villages you can encounter unpaved roads. Pay attention, large and small stones can damage your car.

Kings Highway Route

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There are two main roads from Amman to Aqaba. The Kings Highway and the Dessert Highway (Highway 15). If you don’t have much time, I would go for the Dessert Highway. This route takes you directly to Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert. It is not an exciting route and literally, as the name suggests, consists of a lot of desert landscape.

See our Road trip Route through Jordan here

If you have more time to travel from Amman to Petra and beyond, I would definitely choose the Kings Highway. This route takes you to all the historical and special sights of Jordan. You will pass Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib and the historic Kerak Castle. Along the way you drive through a beautiful landscape that will definitely not let you get bored. Many photo opportunities guaranteed!

Which car do you need to rent in Jordan?

jordan rental car tips

Our rental car

We finally opted for a Kia Picanto. This is a compact car with enough space for two people and luggage. I strongly advise you not to choose a smaller type of car. If you could divide Jordan into two parts then you have the hilly landscape on the one hand and the desert landscape on the other. Both landscapes are not made for a car with an even smaller engine. Trust me, the Kia was struggling at times.

Finding the cheapest rental Car

Many well-known rental companies can be found in Jordan, but also local small companies. Prices do not differ very much from each other. You can rent a car from around €22 / @24 a day. I’m always trying to rent as cheaply as possible and I have therefore requested prices from the following comparators:

Rentalcars is also a good comparison and often offers the cheapest rental cars. You can rent a car in Jordan for as little as €160 for 7 days. With Rentalcars you still have to take out a separate insurance policy. 

You can also opt for a local car rental company that specializes in car rental in Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dabi. That’s cheaper. We paid 120 JOD / €145 for 6 days. A disadvantage is that you have to arrange everything in English.

Costs to take into account

In addition to renting the car you can expect more costs.

Pick Up Fee:

If you want the rental car to be dropped off at the hotel or apartment, you usually pay a small fee for this.

Co-Rider Costs

If you want more than 1 person to be allowed to drive the car, you often pay a small fee for this. At some providers, there are 2 people included in the price.

International Driving License

To rent a car in South Africa you will need an international driver’s license!


You can opt for extra insurance at any car rental company. The costs and content differ per company. Check this carefully before you rent a car. If you get a flat tire or other damage to the car, you will be fully insured. A disadvantage is that the insurance is quite pricey.

One-way Surcharge

This provides more flexibility in your travel schedule. In our case, the journey ended in Aqaba and not Amman. You can hand in the car at a different point and pay an additional charge for this.

Friday Fee:

In Jordan, most people are Muslims and that means they have a rest day on Friday. A surcharge is added on Friday in addition to the drop-off costs and any taxi costs. If you are going to travel to Israel, keep in mind that they have a rest day on Sunday.

Then there are always additional costs on your route. Consider gasoline costs and, for example, parking costs. The petrol prices in Jordan are a lot lower than in the Netherlands and you hardly have parking costs. You can park for free anywhere in the country. In my opinion, this also has to do with the fact that (traffic) rules are not taken very seriously.

Cross the border to Israel with the Rental Car

Do you want to combine Jordan and Israel during your trip? Keep in mind that it is NOT possible to cross the border with your rental car. This is also stated in the rental conditions of the car rental company. You must hand in the rental car in the city (or at the airport) and then take a taxi or public bus to the border. Once you have entered Israel (or Jordan), take the bus or taxi to the nearest city again. You can then rent a car there.

Do you have any questions about driving in Jordan or renting a car? Feel free to ask them below, I am happy to help you!

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